Alamo Drafthouse has brought the film Bomb City to Lubbock beginning Friday, February 9th through Wednesday, February 14th.

I have friends, dear friends, who have waited 20 years for an honest retelling of the real-life events that inspired the film Bomb City. Sure, the murder of Amarillo punk rocker Brian Deneke was the subject of numerous Dateline-esque crime drama exposes. But that type of TV is largely reductive. Brian's life deserved more than still photographs panned over to the sound of grim narration.

I have not yet gotten to see Bomb City, but I have seen that it has won several independent film awards. It's garnered positive reviews from respected critics, including Variety. But the reviews that matter to me are reviews like this one from local artist Jme Brock, who loved Brian and loves The Deneke family:

All the characters in this movie are my friends and the actors that played them really did a great job of recreating their personalities on the film. There’s little things that they put in the movie that wouldn’t mean much to the average viewer but put smiles on the faces of us that knew Brian. These things really help make the movie more realistic and more honest to the true story. It’s not one sided either, it shows that even the punk rockers weren’t just little innocent goodie two shoes.

Bomb City premiered in Amarillo, Texas to a sold-out crowd of over 1,200 people. The screening was hosted by C.J. Ramone and featured a Q&A from the cast and director, in addition to a few words from Brian's parents.

To purchase tickets to one of the Lubbock screenings, head to Alamo Drafthouse's website. 


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