How many of you watch game shows and shake your head saying or thinking "Lord have mercy, what a total dumbass?" Or "Damn I could have done better than that ïdiot." You have to love that person that makes a total fool of themselves on national TV by missing the first and usually easiest question to start the game and chance of a lifetime at a huge payday. With that in mind, I decided to dig up the Top 5 Stupidest Game Show Contestants. Check them out:

  • 5

    The Worst "Fast Money" Session Ever!

    England is a city? A Kiwi is RED inside? KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN? I don't think you can count on this guy under pressure!

  • 4

    Who Want To Be A Stupidaire?

    This kid probably had to leave college and the state of Tenn. He wanted to be a millionaire. Should have spent more time studying not doobie rollin!

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    Most expensive motorcycles on the planet?

    MUST SEE!! I can't spoil it for you. Just remember those are some nice motorcycles.

  • 2


    No words can explain the pain I would inflict on this girl. A "K?"" What? Moron.

  • 1

    We Are Surrounded by Idiots, literally.

    I found so many stupid people out there that I could not narrow it down to just one. Take a final look at some of the Stupidest Game Show Contestants In History.

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