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Velvet Taco is a Texas favorite, and they're making plans to open here in Lubbock. The eatery could possibly open as soon as November at 2401 Glenna Goodacre (the old Heff's Burger location), according to Lubbock in the Loop.

One look at their menu is mind-blowing. They call themselves 'tacos without borders' for a good reason. They create tacos in a way that's pretty unheard of unless, of course, you've been to a Velvet Taco. It looks like once you experience this, the concept of a taco is redefined forever in a fantastic way.

Their menu boasts fresh-made corn tortillas, fresh grilled corn, made-from-scratch everything and the list of everything in a taco is bold. How about a fried green tomato BLT, or a Cuban fig taco with Gruyere cheese and slow-roasted pulled pork? What about a chicken & waffle taco with peppercorn gravy, peppered bacon, maple syrup and more on a waffle taco? There are slow-roasted chickens, even an egg on top of your tots, corn with queso, and more.

Here's a vivid description that defies your imagination: the makings in a Picnic Chicken taco from their website:

rotisserie chicken, avocado crema, warm honey-dijon potato salad, crispy chicken skin, cilantro, flour tortilla

We can't forget the huge margaritas, beers, and red velvet cake. You can check out their extensive menu for yourself.

Here's some of their story from their amazing website:

Velvet Taco is where “anything goes meets the art of the possible.”Some cool things about us: we use only the freshest ingredients available to offer a menu that explores the edge of multi-cultural boundaries, liberating tacos to a whole new level. We make our own tortillas, slow roast our own chicken and corn, use lots of booze in our margaritas, and make everything from scratch. Which means our food tastes really awesome.

In addition to many Dallas and Houston locations, they also have a couple of Austin restaurants, as well as Chicago and Georgia locations. And soon, Lubbock, Texas.

Welcome to Lubbock (soon), Velvet Taco.

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