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With the Texas heat making its way to the Hub City, everyone will be looking for ways to keep cool.  

One of my favorite things to do on a hot day is get a cold treat, specifically shaved ice. Something about the cold, sweet, treat is unbeatable during the hot Texas summer. Thankfully, Lubbock has a variety of great places to get shaved ice.  

From well-known franchises to local shops, here are some great options for an ice cold treat here in Lubbock.  

Places to Get Shaved Ice in Lubbock

Here are some places you can get shaved ice in Lubbock to beat the Texas heat.

Lubbock Buildings That Seem to be Cursed: 3524 Avenue Q

Have you ever noticed some buildings that just don't seem to have a business that likes to stick around?

As a constantly growing and ever-changing city, Lubbock is always seeing new businesses call the Hub City home. While many find a building to call home and see great success with that choice, others are not so fortunate.

Whether you call it capitalism or misfortune, it's a building that just seems to be cursed. One good example I can think of is this one at 3524 Avenue Q.

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