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Michelle Kimball is a bartender of twelve years that also has a large following of 3.2 million followers on TikTok. Her success on the video-sharing app came from her hilarious reenactments of strange customer interactions and tips for people that aren’t familiar with going to bars.

On one of her recent videos, someone left a comment asking what Kimball’s biggest pet peeves are as a bartender. She replied to this comment with a video that I think everyone should watch, especially if they frequent any bars.

Her first pet peeve is one that I never even thought about. When people get too drunk, a common after-effect is throwing up. Of course, a bartender can’t control whether or not you throw up in their bar, but she asks that you do it somewhere she doesn’t have to clean up. She suggested if you start feeling sick, head outside or to the bathroom so you can puke in the grass, in the toilet, or in a trash can. That way no one has to come mop your vomit off of the floor.

Her next pet peeve is when people spit their dip into the bar’s glasses. That is so disgusting and no one should have to clean that out of their nice glasswear. She said she’ll most likely just throw the glass away because of how nasty it is. If you’re going to spit, at least find a plastic cup to do it in and throw it away after.

The last pet peeve she mentions in the video is when people string order. If you’re planning to order multiples of something, just do it all at once. Don't make the bartender run back and forth making a bunch of drinks when they could have made them all at once. It’s easier for the bartender and it’ll get you your dirnks faster.

I'm sure there’s plenty of other pet peeves bartenders experience, but these are just a few that Kimball mentioned. If you want to watch more of her videos you can follow her on TikTok @michellebellexo.

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