February 18th is the big day- if you're an Austinite that's into cuddling possible strangers in an attempt to break a world record. It's going down at the capitol building of course- here's the event info. They only need 1,109 to break the Guinness World Record, which I assume they will since there's plenty of hippies there (I say that with love, I am friends with some of those hippies even if I don't understand their strange ways).

So what can Lubbock do? We've broken plenty of records before, but what could we easily accomplish to keep up with our strange and wonderful neighbors to the south? Here's a couple of my suggestions

  • Thinkstock

    Most Cowboy Boots at a Formal Event

    Just one funeral of a fairly popular person or a sensational court case and this one is in the books easy.

  • Lanz, Flickr
    Lanz, Flickr

    Most Dirt Inhaled Per Person Annually

    One or two good haboobs and we're in. Measuring this seems less than pleasant though.

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    Largest Cup Fit In a Mouth

    I'm actually serious about this completely ridiculous one. My fiance broke the record in Amarillo, was later beaten by another dude and now we are just trying to find the right cup now. He's broken 3 records officially, 4 unofficially and currently holds 1. Most of them have to do with broken glass. He's the best.

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    Most Calf Fries Devoured During Performance of Inoffensive Texas Country Music

    You can probably add "while wearing a salmon color polo shirt" to this one.

    I'm not judging your lifestyle, I'm just saying a lot of you are really into that. And that's ok.

  • hpnadig, Flickr
    hpnadig, Flickr

    Most Incredulous Austinites Commenting That There Is Still Somehow Smoking In Bars Here

    "I can't believe you can still smoke in a bar here! It's disgusting"

    Meanwhile kombucha still looks like someone spit in it.

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