Ariana Grande's "Everyday" is an ode to amorous passion — more specifically, "that good sh--- that makes me not quit" and yes, that IS what she's saying — and the new music video for the Dangerous Woman single is a playful montage of freewheeling PDA.

In the Chris Marrs Piliero-directed clip, Ariana, who never met an off-the-shoulder coat look she didn't like, does hoodrat-lite stuff like hanging around a parking structure and the laundromat as couples of various race, age and orientation frantically make out to the Future-featured track. The Atlanta rapper shows up to deliver his verse in an office setting while two coworkers go at it by the water cooler.

The "Everyday" video may be the most inspired of Ariana's Dangerous Woman era so far, which has offered up some creatively underwhelming videos for generally great songs (*cough, "Into You" video, cough*). Anyone who follows Grande's snaps and Insta stories are well familiar with her frequent silly side, and her videos have previously been at their best when she's gone full camp, a la "Break Free" and the second-best Dangerous Woman video for "Side to Side." The "Everyday" video offers very timely early-spring romance vibes, and Ariana cheering on an elderly couple getting busy on the bus only make me love her more.

Watch Ariana Grande's "Everyday" video featuring Future below.

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