With hockey playoffs in full swing and football still months away, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster has taken to Twitter to suggest that the NFL should take a page from the NHL and allow fighting between teams at games to up the level of excitement.

Many have bemoaned the so-called 'wussification' of the NFL as of late. Is it time to amp it up and allow for additional physical altercation at games when passionate players feel they've gotten the shaft?

To be honest, I started a love affair with pro hockey in my early 20s when San Antonio got their first CHL team, the Iguanas. Not being the biggest sports fan growing up and having not been exposed to much on TV aside from the Superbowl in my family, I just never quite understood the excitement of pro sports until I attended my first CHL game.

After that, I was sold -- mostly due to the excitement of play and the frequency of fights.

What do you think? Should the NFL allow fighting like the NHL?

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