While everything is incredibly expensive right now, from groceries to gas, one thing that feels especially unobtainable for many Texans is becoming a homeowner.

Not only is the real estate market all out of whack right now, but interest rates are high, property taxes are also up there, and it feels like an incredible feat to afford any sort of home right now. This means that many people will continue to rent, or will settle for a home that doesn’t fit their needs but is gentle on their wallet.

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One form of housing that tends to be more affordable, but often has a bad reputation, is mobile homes. Often associated with being run-down or out of date, many people are turned off by the thought of buying one.

Hopefully that notion can be changed, because there are many beautiful mobile homes out there that can provide everything you would want in a home, and more.

You can get plenty of space, beautiful kitchens, great entertaining space, and any other feature you care about, but with the convenient price of a mobile home. One company in particular that caught my eye is Regional Homes, specifically with the agent Georgia who sells these homes in Texas.

She posts a variety of beautiful doublewides that look like great options for those looking for a more affordable place that they can call their own. They have a variety of features like porches, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and more.

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