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The night of Tuesday, December 15th, the Lubbock City Council set the date for a special election that will decide whether or not to outlaw abortions within city limits.

The ordinance, which would effectively dub the City of Lubbock as a "sanctuary city for the unborn," has the backing of Texas State Senator Charles Perry of Lubbock.

KAMC News reports that back on November 17th, the City Council voted on the proposed ordinance, and it was unanimously rejected. That doesn't mean that the ordinance is completely done with, however.

Since the ordinance reached the council through a valid signature drive, the council had the option to either approve it, or to give the citizens of Lubbock a chance to vote on it at a later date.

A special election will be held on May 1st of 2021 for the ordinance to outlaw abortion within the City of Lubbock.

It's reported that because of Roe v. Wade, there is a "non-imposition of criminal penalties for any abortion done with it was considered 'constitutionally protected'" when it happened.

The City Council has hired a law firm to evaluate the ordinance, and the council has also concluded that it was unenforceable. The same ordinance has been approved by other cities in the State of Texas.

The estimated cost of the special election is estimated to be between $160,000 and $200,000.

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