We're all bummed about the big drought. Fireworks are a major party of the fourth of July for many people, and this year there will be no city fireworks show. Hopefully you're not planning on trying to do fireworks of your own with everything so dry, but I'll be running my sprinkler just in case.  There are lots of other things you can do to celebrate the holiday. It's a great time to get out and try a few of these unusual outdoor activities, or just get together with family and friends for a cook-out and some brews. If you've got Monday off and no fireworks to stick around for, it's a great time to get a little traveling in. I've got friends heading to L.A., and I'm probably going to head up to Carlsbad this weekend. Let us know in a comment here or on our Facebook what your plans for a fourth without fireworks will be. Whatever you're doing, be safe and have a great fourth!

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