Dear Lubbock Baristas,

People think the most you have to worry about are the hundreds of people in the morning that haven't had their coffee yet. But you also have your Karens that are convinced you gave them four pumps of vanilla instead of three and a half, the sugar fiends that want extra, extra, extra caramel drizzle, and apparently people asking for over 70 drinks in a single order.

The first video I came across of someone ordering a crazy number of drinks was someone ordering 15 venti caramel frappuccinos in a Starbucks drive-thru. I’ve never worked at Starbucks, but I know that frappuccinos are one of the drinks baristas hate making the most. It takes much more time to make one than your typical coffee, so I can understand the annoyance when you're busy.

I can’t even imagine the frustration to have someone order 15 of them through the drive-thru, especially if there were a lot of people in line behind them. I thought that was crazy until I saw another video showing someone that ordered 74 kid's size hot chocolates.

What is someone doing with 74 hot chocolates? Are they ordering them for an entire bus of children or something? I can’t imagine the struggle of getting that order prepared, especially since kid's drinks are prepared at a lower temperature. By the time you're done making all of them, the first half will already be cold.

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To make it even worse, the same baristas that received the hot chocolate order had an order of 44 frappuccinos the night before.

After seeing this madness, I just really wanted to give my condolences to all the Starbucks baristas out there. This is the exact reason I will always order an iced chai latte in hopes of giving y’all a little bit of a breather when it's busy.

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