So lately I started seeing some of my Lubbock peeps posting personal links for Sarahah. I was intrigued by this new viral sensation.

Sarahah, which is Arabic for candor has blown up, especially with Lubbock folk in the last week or so.

According to the app developer:

The app is designed to help figure out… “ strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from employees and friends in a private manner.”

Of course, some folks are saying negative things instead of trying to be positive, but most of the messages people have posted publicly have been positive.

All apps like this have their good and bad sides, but this one seems like a neat option to get opinions.

I decided we needed to try an experiment here at Kiss fm.

We created a Sarahah account for the radio station and I created one for me personally. So, I challenge you, our listeners, to tell us at Kiss and me, Boleo, what you like, don’t like etc. Just be positive and let’s keep the negativity to a minimum.

To send an anonymous message to Kiss FM

To send an anonymous message to Boleo

We will post some of the more creative response we get in a future installment!

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