Check your address, the list is out. Once again Travel+Leisure Magazine readers have ranked America’s cities to find out which one has the best looking residents.

The number one spot goes to San Juan, Puerto Rico, with its beautiful beaches and tanned bodies. Last year, Charleston, SC topped the list, but it has now fallen to number seven.

Other warm, sunny locales with bronzed bragging rights include San Diego in second place, Miami in third, Los Angeles in fourth and Honolulu in sixth. But it’s not all about the sun — chilly Denver rounds out the list at number five, beating Charleston and Honolulu with its athletic, outdoorsy citizens.

Savannah, GA, with its Southern charm, edged out many coastal cities for a position at number eight. And the healthy, balanced lifestyles of the people of Salt Lake City, UT and San Francisco propelled those two cities into the nine and 10 spots.

The people of Portland, OR are outdoorsy and lead granola lives, but while their city scored high on the survey in many categories, they bottomed out in the looks department. Even fashion forward NYC missed the top 10 because of moody facial expressions and what some readers identified as an “attitude problem.”

It’s not too late for your city. Based on this list, it looks like some sun, some exercise and a little smiling can go a long way.

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