Ever wondered what is the age cut-off for some fashion trends? Two piece bikini? Knee High Boots? Well lucky for you a  British company called Diet Chef asked women when they felt they were too old to wear things like bikinis, miniskirts, tube tops, and knee-high boots.  Then took that info and came up with the following guidelines.

That Too Hot Bikini that brings the boys a callin? Age 47 is the limit.

That Miniskirt you love sooooo much? Age 35! No way. I'm disputing that one right now!

That Totally Tubular Tube Top? Age 33.  And why are you wearing that if your not poolside'or at a Hawg callin contest?

Women and their shoes. Your favorite Stiletto Heels? Age 51. I agree. Veracose veigns and hells... not so much.

Bellybutton Ring or Bellybutton accessory? Age 35. You know this is tough. A lot depends on the ring and the belly.

Your Too Sexy Knee High Boots? Age 47. They can cover a lot of damage so even later if you like.

Those skin tight Leather pants? Age 34 but you know what? If your brave enough to wear them in the first place then go on ahead a do your thing Boo.

Ahhh the staple of all college girls... Northface jacket and UGG Boots? Age 45. Yes you could pull them off past 45 but you don't want to be labeled as a Cougar!

Your Third Date See Through Blouse? Age 40 but here again it depends on what the sweater kittens look like.

Long Hair??? Really. It says 53 the hair has got to go. I disagree.

The Playful Ponytail? Age 51. Again not sure about this one.

One thing you have to beware of is that friendly salesperson working on commission that loves everything.  Only 5% of women have been told at a store that they were trying on something that wasn't right for their age.  And 20% said that regardless of when you think you're too old to wear something . . . wear it anyway if you know you can pull it off.

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