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Ladies, it's time to round up all those singles (and 5s and 20s), because an all-male revue is coming to Lubbock's new Angelwitch Caberet (609 CR 7150).

From the business:

LADIES!! We are over 60% SOLD OUT already!! There is limited capacity due to restrictions. So don’t miss out. Get your tickets NOW!! And save $5 by getting them in advance. It’s less than a month away. ONE NIGHT ONLY EVENT. MONDAY DECEMBER 7th @ 9PM And this isn’t just a show!! You can get one on one private dances from any of the male entertainers. $30 in advance on Eventbrite.com. We also have Reserved Tables right in front of the stage, Private Cabanas, and Reserved Stage side chairs close enough you might get slapped in the face 🍆!! Visit the link to get your tickets NOW!!

Male revues have a storied history here in Lubbock, so there's a chance you might even get more show than you bargained for. Good ol' Lubbock, fighting the really important fights against actual crime people just having a good, if not so clean time.

Tickets are available through Eventbrite, and there are some weird rules about any males who wish to escort women to the show, so read the event information beforehand should you be male and interested in going. VIP, stage-side, and Cabana ticketing available as well. And of course, you must be 18 & up to enter and 21 & up to drink.

Here's hoping no entertainers get arrested.

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