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With Governor Greg Abbott's signature in place, permanent to-go alcohol is now a reality in Texas.

After bi-partisan and nearly unanimous support of the Texas legislature, this lifeline for many Texas restaurants, brewpubs and bars is going to stick around.

Personally, I'm satisfied with this result because before to-go sales. There was a lot of confusion and inconsistency about what you could or could not purchase at a restaurant to take home with you. Why were growlers and open wine bottles okay, but a sealed frozen margarita forbidden? Now, that's a non-issue, and fairness wins the day.

This law went into effect at noon on Wednesday, May 12th, 2021, and Governor Abbott commemorated the moment on his Twitter:

This makes Texas the 10th state to allow for to-go alcohol sales. And yes, you'll be able to have cocktails delivered to you as well. The "with food" caveat remains, however:

Under the new law, customers can pick up alcohol (i.e., mixed drinks, wine and malt beverages, which will include both beer and ale starting Sept. 1) with food orders. Alcohol can also be delivered with food orders to customers.

I'm so glad that sense, logic, and fairness won the day here in Texas. Now, the next big step is to end the prohibition of marijuana and to expunge the records of anyone who was convicted of its use, possession or sale. Anyone incarcerated for this "offense" should be released immediately. Full recreational use, no compromises. That's my challenge to the Texas legislature and to Governor Abbot.

There is absolutely no reason that a state founded on the principles of individual freedoms and liberty should be punishing its citizens for something so completely victimless. Legalize it, I dare you, and see all the green -- cash and otherwise -- roll in for Texas businesses, citizens and the Texas treasury.

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