If there was ever a reason to keep your social media account safe, this is it.

Popular Anchorage, Alaska DJ James Laplante (AKA Jimmy O'Brien on country station KASH 107. 5) is accused of possessing, distributing and the attempted solicitation of child pornography from children directly.

Laplante, a father with biological and adopted children, was arrested on five counts of child porn.

In one case, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, reported the uploading of 13 images of child sexual exploitation to an account the DJ admittedly created.

In his defense, Laplante alleges that he allowed about 50 other individuals access to the account. A subsequent search of Laplante's home and office yielded more than 1000 images of sexual exploitation on an external hard drive connected to his work computer.

Whether or not Laplante's alibi of letting others utilize his Instagram account holds merit, it is proof positive that social media accounts and passwords should be fiercely safeguarded.

[via KTVA]