Robin Thicke's father Alan Thicke has revealed some bedroom-related info that Robin wishes he could un-hear.

Alan Thicke recently paid a visit to the US Weekly offices with his wife Tanya Callau, who co-stars with Alan in the sitcom-documentary hybrid Unusually Thicke. While filming a segment for US Weekly's "Loose Talk" segment, the couple revealed the music they put on when it's time to get busy. Their answer was unexpected. And kind of disturbing.

"When we do get freaky, we do like [Robin's song] 'Sex Therapy,'" Callau said.
Freaky to your son's's just uh," Alan confirmed, shrugging (!?!?!).
"You have to admit though, 'Sex Therapy' is such a good song to get in the mood," Callau continues. You can watch the brief, overshare-y clip here.

When Robin caught wind of the news, the "Lost Without U" singer responded the same way most people would respond if they heard that their own voice was the soundtrack to their parent's sex sessions: With horror.

Robin Thicke has had his share of misfortune since the massive chart success of "Blurred Lines" in 2013. He and Paula Patton finalized their divorce earlier this year, and he's still tangled up in litigation over the alleged Marvin Gaye sample in "Blurred Lines." Does he also have to live with the knowledge that his dad loves his music way, WAY too much? Maybe there's another way to look at it — throughout the ups and downs of his career, he'll always have two overzealous fans in Alan and Tanya.

Let's all cleanse our palates and brains with this mashup of "Blurred Lines" and the Growing Pains intro (fun fact: Growing Pains actor Alan also sang the theme).

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