Did you file a claim against Target during the 2013 data breach? You may remember that up to 70 million people may have had their personal financial data leaked during the Black Friday weekend, according to Forbes.

If you submitted your claim with the requisite proof, then you might finally get your money soon. You can thank a fellow Texan for the hold-up.

Leif Olson of Texas held up the payout with a court case that basically argued that a class action lawsuit was unfair to folks who would want to sue Target individually. About a quarter-million people of the possible 70 million affected filed claims. However, a quarter million people filing their own individual lawsuits would have been a legal nightmare, and most people would have gotten nothing. Class action lawsuits exist for circumstances such as these.

People who filed claims will receive between $40 and $10,000, for a total of $18.5 million dollars. Alabama, Wisconsin, and Wyoming did not participate, so residents there are not entitled to compensation.

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