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It's time to get out a flat head screwdriver and a hammer, because Furr's Fresh Buffet (2817 Loop 289) is coming back to Lubbock, and you're going to need another belt notch.

Okay, that may not be true. You can actually eat very healthy and light at Furr's, but I have never in my life ever seen anybody do that. They have all-you-can-eat pie. Pie, nature's most perfect dessert.

According to a handwritten sign on the front door, Furr's will be open 'soon.' Soon is a subjective, yet hopeful word. So while we don't know yet whether 'soon' is a few days or a few weeks, we do know that Furr's is coming back.

There's another clue as to what 'soon' means, thanks to my buddy Chad, who did some deep digging in early March after folks first noticed the restaurant had closed:

Furr's Fresh Buffet is coming back as soon as the State of Texas lifts the restrictions on capacity. In a phone call Monday with the Regional Manager, he said "hopefully within a month of the state lifting restrictions" they will reopen the Furr's location off South Loop 289. He also said that they will be doing some upgrades to the location.

So soon is really, really soon. And FYI: the sign is on the inside of the door, so if this is a cruel prank, at least they went really out of their way to pull it off.

I tried to get more information about the return by messaging Furr's Lubbock Facebook page but I haven't heard back yet. Lubbock once had two Furr's locations, but that is a bygone era now:

In 2019, the Furr's Fresh Buffet location located across the street from the South Plains Mall closed its doors, leaving only one location open in Lubbock. That location is off the South Loop, at 2817 Loop 289.

We can't wait to have you back, Furr's Fresh Buffet. I want a literal mountain of those mashed potatoes.

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