It's obvious from the headline of this article that actor, activist, restauranteur, cancer survivor and certified bad a** Danny Trejo is in Lubbock. I was surprised to see that Danny Trejo was in Lubbock because he should be in Los Angeles, California right now working on a movie or working at his restaurant Trejos Tacos. Trejo was spotted at Montelongo's Restaurant in Lubbock enjoying some of the food with other people and obviously enjoying himself at this local restaurant.

The big question on everyone's mind is "Why is Danny Trejo in Lubbock?" There are so many possibilities such as he could be getting into character for a new movie role, maybe he decided to get some new ideas from Montelongo's on what to serve at his restaurant, or maybe he's just here to visit Texas Tech. Well, if you guessed Texas Tech then you are correct! Danny Trejo is here to speak at Texas Tech's Annual Celebrate Diversity Awards Banquet, which is tonight, November 17th. The annual banquet recognizes people within the Lubbock and Texas Tech communities that show case Inclusive Excellence while also raising funds for scholarships. At the banquet Danny Trejo will be speaking on his career in the entertainment industry along with his life and how he got to the point that he is at today in his life.

Trejo is seen many movies as the cool guy or intimidating guy with a distinct face who doesn't take lip from anyone but Trejo had to endure hard times before he could enjoy his life fully. Trejo was doing and selling drugs at the age of 8 and went through the juvenile detention system in California. Danny Trejo is well know for going to prison and accidently making a name for himself in Hollywood upon his release.

In 2010, Danny Trejo battle cancer and like he has done his whole life fought to win the battle and came out on top. Trejo also opened his own restaurant, Trejos Tacos, in Los Angeles, California where some close friends of mine have said they sell the best tacos in all of California.  Trejo is an activist for programs aimed at helping people that are going through drug and alcohol addictions just like he did and Trejo is of course an animal advocate having rescued five dogs. Tickets to the banquet are currently sold out.

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