According to a recent investigation by Fox 34, Lubbock is in desperate need of Foster families for Lubbock children. The Texas Boys Ranch emergency center (which serves children of both genders), located near downtown Lubbock, is at near capacity. The cause: there isn't any foster homes with room to take on more kids. Since 2015 the emergency shelter has served,  "265 children, and 55 just this year"

If it has been in your heart to become a foster parent- if you have the space, funds and emotionally ability to be a foster parent- perhaps now is the time to start seriously looking into applying. Of course not everyone is equipped to be a foster parent, and that's okay. But if you are and you're ready, now's the time.

Here is a list of the requirements to become a foster parent in Texas, along with links to applications and places to ask questions.

And fyi, yes, you do get reimbursed for fostering children in Texas:

Financial reimbursement, along with medical and dental coverage, will vary dependant on the needs of the child or children in your care. On average, foster families will receive around $675 per child per month.

If you would like to volunteer your time to The Boys Ranch, you can find out more information here.


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