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I haven't been outside the state of Texas very much in my 25 years of living.

I'm not much of a traveler. I like staying home and sleeping. Leave me to my own devices and I'm a happy little guy. I did, however, take a week-long trip to New York City a few years back, and that was wild.

This was an exception.

My band, Bummified, was "touring" in Colorado. We had 2 shows back-to-back in Colorado, so it was a tour, technically. One show in Colorado Springs and another in Denver. The experience was definitely something that'll stick with me.

First off, there are dispensaries everywhere. It's very surreal, to me. You can just walk in and pick up some weed whenever you want, as long as you're 21. Quite strange, considering how Texas feels about the stuff.

The scenery was also beautiful. The mountains outside of our hotel were absolutely gorgeous. You just cannot get that kind of view from West Texas. It's too flat.

Here are some shots of the mountains I managed to get:


There were also substantially more homeless camps than I've seen down here. Now, I don't have any hostility towards the homeless population. In fact, I think our government is failing us in regards to hostile architecture and the general animosity aimed towards the less fortunate of us.

Regardless, there were a lot more camps than I was used to. A lot of them even mistook our bassist for one of them because of his long beard, which is kind of hilarious.

Overall, it was a pretty neat weekend. The altitude messed with my nose but getting to experience a location like that for the first time was a treat. Who knows where I'll go next? Wherever it is, it won't be for a while. I need to take some time to shut myself inside my apartment and recharge after all the traveling.

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