As long as there has been music, men and women. Lyrics have been have been stolen to try and express the intense feelings one may hacve for another. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

BLINK-182 asked fans to come up with promos for their European tour, then post them on YouTube.  And the winner is some guy who recorded himself trying to pick up random women on the street by only using lyrics from their songs.

He admits at the beginning of it that he's really bad with girls, which he is.  So it's not clear if it could be done.  But in the video, he fails miserably and just creeps them all out.

What did he win for his video? (1) Blink-182 Buddha (Half Green/Half Blue) Limited
Edition 12" Vinyl /500 Released by Hot Topic via Geffen/Universal; (1) Blink-182
Small Self-Titled Sticker; (1) Blink-182 Medium Self-Titled Sticker; (1)
Blink-182 Best Buy In-Store Self-Titled Cardboard Display; (1) Blink-182 Summer
2009 Sticker Sheet and a surprise bonus. (Blink-182 First Date Fingerboard). Wow, lol

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