Are we sick of the R-Pat and K-Stew cheating scandal? Thought so. I thought it was bad when it was scrolling across the MSNBC newsfeed as "Breaking News, "Twilight Cheating Scandal". Finally people are coming to their senses and are starting to poke fun at the whole deal.

In a hilarious new parody video, Kristen Stewart explains why she cheated on Robert Pattinson.  Except it's not Kristen. It's a look-alike actress named Laura Mcdonald who by the way I think is hotter than Kristen!
The video features "K-Stew" trying to convince Rob that none of the cheating was her fault.
It's intercut with scenes of "Snow White" director Rupert Sanders tricking Kristen into cheating on her in various ways that just get more and more ridiculous.
Check this out guys:

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