That's it.

No, really. Just slow down and stop thinking your entire life is a race. I promise that you're more likely to make it to your destination if you chill out and quit putting yourself and the rest of the drivers near you in danger.

This is a tip that applies to Lubbock drivers even when it's dry out, but it especially applies when it's raining. We've been seeing a lot of rain in town the past few days and everyone knows Lubbock isn't built to handle so much water. This means that the roads are flooded and driving conditions are hazardous.

In case you forgot what you learned in driver's ed, it's recommended to slow down by around a third of the speed limit in order to drive safely in wet conditions. This means that if the speed limit is 50 miles per hour, you should be going closer to 35 miles per hour when the road is wet.

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I know some of you think you’re immune to wet roads and that rule only applies to scaredy cats, but there’s a reason you’re supposed to slow down. A wet road means less traction for your tires. Less traction means you're more likely to lose control of your vehicle and hurt yourself or someone else.

I promise you're not above the laws of physics, and you aren't immune to causing a wreck. I don't care how great of a driver you are (or think you are), get off your high horse, slow down, and stay safe.

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