As some of you who follow me on Facebook already know – over the last weekend (Father’s Day weekend), I moved from one house to another here in Lubbock. 

And the reason that those who follow me on Facebook already know about this move is because I had to put a “plea for help” on my Facebook. Yes – I became so desperate that I didn’t care who knew where I lived and invited them in my home – just so my husband would have a little help…I mean it was Father’s Day weekend after all, and this is not how he wanted to spend it!

So, while moving, I made a little mental note of those things that always happen during a move and decided to see how far off I was when comparing my move to others who have moved from house to house.  Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Your friends may be your friends (and good friends at that), but when it comes to “manual labor” – it doesn’t matter what you have to bribe them – they are not interested in helping you move a piano.  But you know what?  If the shoe was on the other foot – I wouldn’t want to help either!  Seriously – it’s HOT outside and sitting in a pool with a beer in your hand is WAY more appealing than moving a refrigerator carrying hot beer!
  2. That thing you lost back in the 1800’s that you swore your kids stole from you – or worse, your kid’s FRIENDS stole from you – has magically reappeared…in the cushion of the ‘decorative recliner’ that no one ever sits in…because HELLO…the recliner is for decoration only!!!
  3. If you are moving with a significant other (husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend), there will be multiple times throughout the move that you WILL hate each other and try to move your belongings to another house/apartment instead of the house you have just bought/leased.
  4. You may think that you are the ‘cleanest’ person in the world – but once you move the fridge or the washer and dryer – you will see just how ‘dirty’ you really are.  Not to mention the fact that while you thought your washing machine was actually EATING one sock out of every pair of socks – that was not the case.  Someone was simply ‘hiding’ the other sock behind and in between the washer and dryer.  So rude.
  5. You will never have enough boxes to pack all of the crap you have accumulated.
  6. You will waste at least 24 hours reminiscing about all of the things you have in that one box that you have been moving from house to house with since you left your parent’s home…and you know that there is NO WAY IN HELL that you will EVER get rid of those “mix cassette tapes” from 1988!  EVER!!!!
  7. There are some things that you look at and think – “OH DAMN!  I REALLY don’t want to move that!” so you say to yourself – “…well, I mean I don’t really NEED it – we can throw it away – it will save room in the moving van”.  (After all – who really NEEDS TWO couches?)
  8. You realize you have WAY TOO MUCH CRAP – but you know that you will NOT throw anything away!

So – those are just a couple of things that I noticed happen when you move from one house to another…or at least that’s what happened to me over the weekend.

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