I'm not a man of extravagance. I don't expect Texas Tech to be in the playoff hunt every year. I do expect it during a special season every now and then. This season is not that season. Obviously.

At 4-7 there is little to no chance to be in a bowl game. There are only 2 bad losses on the season but the drubbing that Iowa State put on Texas Tech makes the rest feel even worse.

The undercurrent of the Fire Kliff movement is rising to the mainstream and a loss today in Arlington would make things that much worse for the homecoming that was supposed to be a fairy tale.

It's been closer to fairly stale.

I know that Texas Tech cannot salvage the season today but their are three things I want to see. With that in mind let's get into it.

  • 1

    A win.

    This one is pretty simple.

    It gives you an outside shot at a bowl game. Way outside.

    Also it sends you in an upwards trajectory into 2017.

    You are too low to have a downward trajectory. Way too low.

  • 2


    If I can't have a win today, I just hope the Red Raiders go down fighting.

    Feeling defeated is much different than getting beat. It's not about moral victories it's about being satisfied with your effort. Against West Virginia and Iowa State Texas Tech felt defeated. Against Oklahoma and Oklahoma State they got beat.

    I want to have confidence moving into next season and there will be loads of optimism if Texas Tech can come out today with fire and tenacity.

    Those are two things that have not been associated with Texas Tech football lately but there is always a chance.

  • 3

    A good game.


    And we don't see much fight, I just hope it's a good game.