You never know what you might see at a big box retailer. And I'm not talking about the products, but rather the strange things that a customer, or customers, might do.

In less than five minutes on Monday, I witnessed the following, and it all started in the parking lot.

1.) Diaper Changing in the Parking Lot (and Leaving It There!)

It started as soon as I entered the parking lot. I pulled in and a woman is in the car next to me changing her baby. I understand that these things happen, but then she proceeded to drop the dirty diaper on the parking lot, less than six inches from my truck. I asked her to throw it away somewhere else, and was met with the following:

"Go *expletive* yourself and mind your own *expletive* business!"

This trip was NOT off to a good start!

2.) Being Attacked by Two Kids

While I was picking up the one item I needed, two kids were running around with Nerf bats and decided to fight each other with them with me in the middle. After about five seconds of this, I told them to knock it off. Well, here comes mad-as-hell mama! She wasn't mad at the kids, but me for telling her kids what to do. I explained her kids were hitting me, and she told me: "Mind your own business, they are just kids having fun." At whose expense, I thought. Mind your own business twice in one day. Could it get any stranger?

3.) Why Would You Count a LARGE Sum of Money While Walking in the Open With a Phone and Baby?

So I got my one item, and a nasty look from the mother with the kids and the diaper woman, when I saw the most bizarre thing ever. This woman was walking to the parking lot counting what had to have been almost $1,000 in 20 dollar bills. But she also had a cell phone to one ear and a baby over her shoulder. I wanted to see which she lost first -- the kid, the phone or the cash!

So what are some of your strange tales from the big box stores? We'd love to hear about them on the 102.5 Kiss Facebook page.

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