You have to love the trend in cheesy horror flicks going around these days. Take a real animal, make it mutate to some extraordinary freak, and then have it attack sexy topless coeds on a beach or lake somewhere.

No actual plot is necessary as long as you have plenty of gratuitous T&A, (my favorite kind of T&A to be perfectly honest), some gory violence against some fairly minor characters, C-D list actors, you get the drill. "2 Headed Shark Attack" fills the bill on every level.

So let's examine the list:
Regular Animal: Shark - Check
Freak Mutation: Two Headed - Check
C-D List Actors:Charlie O'Connell (yes he's Jerry's brother), Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan, Hulk's daughter - Check

So there you go with the basics. Now get an eyeful of "2 Headed Shark Attack."

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