Is "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham preggers? That is the word on the street. After the release of her sex tape I'm sure you can imagine that the paparazzi have been on her like stink on a stripper and she of course is loving every minute of it. Reports are pouring in over the weekend that the "Back Door Mom" was spotted at a Pharmacy purchasing pregnancy test sticks. Let's hope it's not true. Do we really ant another greedy little Farrah running around? Oh, that's right we do. Farrah has a young daughter and  she says that she will tell her daughter about "Mommy's tape" and show it to her when she is 13 or 14. That a way Farrah. Mess your kiddo up right in the middle of puberty. That makes the odds of her actually killing another human being double!

Check out this exclusive interview with Farrah and King Mack: