Everyone has a name but sometimes people like to think outside of the box or go more traditional when it comes to naming their children. Some people, such as millenials, like to put a spin on the traditional baby names and add a few letters or change the spelling entirely. Like for instance instead of naming your child Michael you could change the spelling and change it to Mikael (thanks).

There are some words out there that would make great baby names but their original meaning or definition just entirely changes how you feel about those names. I am sharing my personal opinion on what words would make great names for people if they didn't mean what they mean.

  1. Arson - This word would make a great name but unfortunately you would always be afraid to let those people around any open flame but they might make the best barbecue.
  2. Denim - Alright hear me out. It's a very strong and durable name that would be a perfect name for a boy. You could also nickname him Levi for short.
  3. Seven - I've seen Seinfeld and think that this name is very beautiful but is anyone actually named a number?
  4. Turbo - This name is very cool but seems like it would be more at home for a dog rather than a person. Of course if that kid becomes a Nascar driver then you are all set.
  5. Gravy - This word be a great name to yell during sports games. Go Gravy! It sounds cool and would be a hit during Thanksgiving dinner.
  6. Whiskey - This would make a great name but might sound weird when teachers call the kids name and all they can think about is having a glass of the drink.
  7. Beta Max - This two part name just sounds very cool and epic, like a blast from the past. It will be weird having to explain to your kid the meaning behind this name.
  8. Party - This name sounds fun, imagine just leaving anywhere and telling your kid "let's go party". Even greeting someone named party sounds fun.
  9. Regal - This name just carries a certain tone with it when you say it. Anyone who were to name their child with this stoic name would have a child that's very solemn, or the complete opposite.
  10. Rash - This was not my personal pick but one of my Townsquare co-workers and like a rash it grew on me. This name could make someone start to scratch though so I'm not too sure if it would work in everyday life.

If you have one of these words as your name feel free to contact us and share with us why your parents decided to bestow this name to you. Also share with us your own words that you think would great baby names if they didn't have their current meanings.

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