There are many, many technology myths out there. Some are seemingly sensible -- like that x-rays can wipe your laptop (magnets do, not x-rays). And some that are absurd and easily disproven: That your phone must be at 0 percent to charge.

The most Googled tech myth in Texas, according to, is actually no myth at all, but possibly an exaggeration.

"Phone listens to me" is an ominous, Black Mirror-esque fear...and it totally happens. Just not the way you think it might.

Have you ever been talking about how you just absolutely need this new thing, and then soon after see a similar ad appear on your Facebook feed? It's not because Facebook listens to your conversations; it would take a massive amount of storage and manpower to accomplish that when Facebook can just as easily use algorithms based on your likes and place ads based on your "cookies."

Your phone can and does listen to you, and certain apps do take advantage of this. However, instead of listening for your deep dark secrets, they listen for things you are watching on your phone, according to Time.

So while "phone listens to you" isn't a myth per se, it's probably less of a threat than it sounds...for now.

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