Will Ferrell returns to the rotten Apple and reminds us all why he is an absloute master of the comedic arts. Will has struggled to find his place at the box office lately, but all he had to do was go back to his roots to remind fans why we love him.

The show started out with Barack Obama (Fred Armisen) and Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis), a sketch regarding the week's biggest political news. Ferrell brought out his iconic George W. Bush character early, playing Biden's "imaginary friend" George.

Mother's Day was the theme of Ferrell's monologue, and the comedian pulled up his real-life mom for the bit. "I know what I'm about to say could cause some controversy, but I love my mom!" he exclaimed. "There ya go TMZ -- that's for you." While he's used to having writers at his beck and call, the comedian chose to speak from the heart: "The words I'm saying right now are from my brain place to my mouth hole." Well, it's the thought that counts, right?

My favorite of the show? At Dance Like No One's Judging: LGBT Prom 2012, Ferrell brought on Ana Gasteyer for their popular Marty and Bobbie Culp bit, who together head up the "rapidly dwindling music department" at Alta Dena Middle School. ("It's no Glee, folks -- in fact, it's pretty Glame.") This time around, they did a medley of Adele's "Rumor Has It," Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass," and One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful."

Saturday Night Live celebrated a momentous landmark this weekend: their 100th digital short. Naturally, a "celebration of us" was in order — and a star-studded one at that, with Justin Bieber joining in. The crew took a look at some of their memorable digital short moments from the past, from Justin Timberlake's appearances to Lady Gaga and Jon Hamm.