A limited edition bundle of Sony's new handheld gaming console the Vita is available this Wednesday. It comes with a memory card and a bonus game. You can get the normal or 3G versions next week.

The standard Vita console costs $250 and can connect to the internet using your Wi-Fi connection. The 3G version will cost you an extra $50 plus the monthly cost of the internet each month. You can see different data plans here.
It will have front and rear facing cameras as well as duel analog sticks. The front of the device is touch screen.


The back of the Vita is also touch sensitive. You can pause a game on PS3 and resume it remotely on the Vita wherever you left off. You can also play multiplayer games against PS3 opponents on the Vita. Games that will be available at launch including new "Uncharted", "ModNation Racers", "Hot Shots Golf" titles.

Here's a list of all the games out at launch. And here are some additional gaming stories that might interest you:

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