I've worked in radio in Lubbock for a long time, and I've heard everything you could hear a station say. In fact I've said most, if not all, of it too. And to be perfectly honest I thought that you, the listener, the reason we do what we do, and the reason we have jobs in the first place, deserved to know the truth that no one else wants to tell you. It's about concerts that you all love to go to, and the truth behind the hype that invades your ears almost daily.

Everybody in town claims to be your "(insert artist coming to town here) station" or that they are "your concert connection" or some such unprovable, and unimportant cliche. The fact is when it comes to most of the big concerts like Taylor Swift, ZZ Top, George Strait and shows like these there is no single station that is going to give you a better chance at free tickets than any other. And if they do have more tickets its maybe 1 or 2 pairs, but they bought those and they're probably nosebleed at best. That's it. Nothing more.

Let's examine the Taylor Swift concert for example. This is a big time promoter that books only the biggest shows around the country. We at KISS FM have the same amount of tickets as everybody else. Nobody has any more than anybody else in town. That's a fact. Everybody is going to try and con you into thinking that they have more than anybody and that is a flat-out lie. We're not going to lie to you about it, that's why I'm writing this post. All the radio stations have the same amount of tickets that the promoter alotted for radio promotion for Taylor Swift. We'll be giving all of ours away to you between now and then. If you have any questions about someone claiming to give tickets away ask them:

"When will these tickets be awarded?"

 "How long until you get a winner for this drawing?" Or "Is this the same drawing that you are doing for months with only 1 winner?" Quite a few stations will do a drawing for 1 pair of tickets and stretch it out and make it seem like they have more than they actually do.

"Can I see the tickets you are giving away, or will I have to wait for weeks for you to get them in and then come pick them up?"

These are just some of the tricks that people use to lure you into believing that they have more than they do. Radio stations, TV stations, even the newspaper does this to make you think that they have "more tickets than anybody else!" We have tickets but we won't give them away until we have them in our hands and can hand them over directly to you the same day. You will never have to wait with KISS FM.

Plus you should always beware when somebody wants to get you "qualified" to win. If you're human and you live in the listening area you should always be "qualified" to win, with the one exception of possibly needing to be 18 years old for certain, more adult shows. Why do they expect you to jump through hoops just to win? Lots of people will get you qualified along with dozens if not hundreds of others for 1 pair of tickets. Those odds aren't in your favor. If they sign you up for tickets, like at a remote, they should give them away that day, or even better at the end of the remote.

Now there are some definite exclusions to these general rules. There are quite a few big concerts that come to Lubbock that 1 or 2 stations will have all of the tickets to be given away. The reason some shows, like 3 Doors Down, Blue October, Three Days Grace, Shinedown and many more of the current rock shows are exclusive to some stations like KISS FM and FMX is because the promoter that brings these shows to town is a close friend of ours. And this promoter only works with us because of our close personal friendship. Plus almost all of the smaller shows like Cobra Starship and Forever The Sickest Kids are exclusive for the same reason. Different promoter but again they are friends of ours and only work with us. The way to tell the difference is anybody can "welcome" and artist in concert. But only stations that have the exclusive can "present" an artist in concert. Just watch for those words and you can tell the difference.

So that's most of my rant for this post. I'm just tired of the Lubbock listening audience constantly being lied to, or tricked into listening with the promise of something that the station can't provide. It's rude and we will never take part in it.

Yes we have Taylor Swift tickets, and when we say that we're going to give them away, you will know exactly how it will be done, and more importantly, how soon you can get your tickets in your hand. No tricks ever, we promise. We know that you listen to KISS FM because you like our radio station, and you want to hear the music that we play. And we give away tickets to the concerts and events you want to see because we just wanted to say "thanks for listening."

Thanks for listening.