Today, fellow Kiss FM deejay E and I went for a preview lunch at Walk-Ons Bistreaux and Bar. As they are still training staff, I normally would consider it unfair to review a restaurant at that point. However, their flawless execution negated any hesitation I otherwise may have had.

E and I sat at the bar because, in addition to always being hungry, deejays are also fidgety and restless. (Yes, every single one.) So we went the first place we could.

The service was excellent there. The wait staff (which is all female as per the laws of sports bars, I think) was incredibly friendly, charming and attentive. My drink was refilled frequently and, this is very important, they have the GOOD kind of ice there. You know what I'm saying: The crunchy, small ice. Excellent.

For an appetizer, we split boudin balls. They were savory with just a kick of spice. The remoulade they served them with was so good we also used it for fry dipping. E had the ahi tuna wrap, and I had the surf and turf burger.

Let's talk about that burger. A burger topped with shrimp sounds totally weird and kinda gross in theory. E loved it, and my fiance and I both agreed it was one of the best burgers we ever had. My only regret was sharing parts of my burger. Walk-On's could have stopped at having good ice, but no, they took it further and have the good fries, too. Yummy, seasoned waffle fries.

My fiance really enjoyed his massive shrimp po'boy, especially after he asked for a side of remoulade. If you order it, I recommend you get the remoulade, too. Two people could easily split one po'boy.

I forgot to ask E if he liked his tuna wrap, but since he ate it all I'm sure he did. I actually sampled their ahi tuna and their fried alligator at this years Ragin' Cajun event so I can assure you they are delicious.

The atmosphere is, liked you probably guessed, a typical, but more upscale sports bar. There is a small area with a couple games for "kids" -- and by kids, I mean people like me. It was noon and I was technically still at work so I didn't order a bar drink, but I could see they carry many, many liquors and have way more beers on tap than you would expect. I can't wait to go back and try some.

We had a fabulous time and a fabulous meal. I will most certainly be back.

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