Donald Trump earned his fortune in business, but now a business is on the precipice of making a fortune off Donald Trump.

"The Donald" has long been the favorite to land the Republican nomination, but his comments against Latinos and Mexicans has inspired a business to sell a product aimed at giving a little grief back to the billionaire businessman.

The product?

Piñatas of his likeness, wearing a "Miss Stupid" sash. Piñatas that, might I add, are beginning to pop up all over the Hub City. And demand is only growing.

Suzy Ramirez, an employee of the piñata shop at the National Flea Market of Lubbock, talked to KAMC News about the item.

“Until either he gets out from running for president or unfortunately we get him as a president…I'm sure they are going to sell for a good time," she said.

The stall at the flea market is selling the piñatas for $25, and is open all day Friday through Sunday.

[Via Everything Lubbock]