Tonight when you eat at Capital Pizza, a portion of the proceeds will benefit one of my very favorite charities- The Haven Animal Shelter. No one doesn't love pizza and everyone loves pets so this possibly the most perfect event, ever.

In case you were unaware, The Haven is an amazing place. It is a huge no-kill shelter right outside of town that houses cats and dogs, of course, but will even take other animals like rabbits and horses.

The Haven adopts out many animals and if you're looking for a new fur family member I encourage you to go meet their animals. Every animal adopted is immediately replaced by another animal who may have otherwise been euthanized. Some animals for various reasons live out the rest of their days there. With so many short-term and long-term residents, The Haven can always use more funds to help take care of all the animals.

If you are unable to attend the event tonight, you can donate directly to The Haven via PayPal here. Or check out their open hours to drop off a donation and/or volunteer some of your time.