Classes are wrapping up soon and that means it's time for those dreaded finals. Read up on these tips and advice to help you take the edge off of finals week.


1. NAP TIME :)  Naps are no longer for just kindergartners. Getting enough rest is essential to your study efforts. Trying to cram facts and knowledge into your noggin when it's running on low is actually counterproductive, so get those zzzz's.

2. Eat oranges. Doctor's have noticed that when students are under the added stress of finals, your vitamin C levels tend to dip down making you more prone to illness. Getting sick AND taking finals is the ultimate suck-zone, so enjoy that OJ.

3. E.R. study tip: Triage your study efforts. Most students think they need to spend the same amount of time studying for each exam. NOT TRUE. If time is of the essence then you need to sit down and prioritize which classes you are doing the WORST in and study for those more than the subjects you're doing good in.

4. Clean up your act. Take the time to organize your study area. Organizing your notes, note cards, reviews, and/or previous tests will help you organize your thoughts and give you a better sense of control over your study situation. It will help you keep where everything is straight in your head and on your desk.

5. STICK AROUND. You know you're guilty of it, but instead of continuing to do it, stop! Once you've finish that exam, don't bolt for the door. Sure, everyone's ready to be outta there, but if you stick around and take the time to go back over your test you are giving yourself the chance to catch any skipped problems or stupid mistakes that you wouldn't have caught otherwise.

So take a breathe and remember the semester is ALMOST OVER! Good luck!