Lunchbox from the Bobby Bones Show is headed to town on the 11th. So we're gonna have a party! Think you can hang with the Box?We'll start the party at Kong's Classic Arcade and shot bar in the Depot District.

Then we'll continue the party over at Taboo 18th and Cricket's Ave. also in the Depot District. We'll have drink specials, freebies, and just a damn good time. Plus we'll be giving away a ride on the Lunchbox Limo to and from Taboo for a lucky group of 5 or more. Head to our facebook page and comment on the Lunchbox post and Lunch himself will choose a winner and show up at your door to pick up you and your friends for a party at Taboo! (All people in your party have to be 18 or over.)

Friday November 11th, get ready for Lunch in Lubbock.

Here's a map to the party spots: This is Kong's

And here's Taboo: The GREEN ARROW not the drop pin.

And just for fun watch an old air-check of the show.