Slut. Tramp. Easy. Hard to hear? Naaaa. Some ladies are proud of the fact that have sex with multiple partners and smile everyday! And for guys? Well they are guys, they love it all.

That's right, a lot of unapologetically sexual ladies and gentlemen do not let the term “slut” stand in the way of their mission. Score Score and Score!. Instead, they say, “Judgment be damned!” and wave their slut flag high and wide. They sleep with who they want, when they want, as much as they want, no matter what anyone else says.

In the spirit of sluthood, let’s take a look at the hedonistic women and a few men, who make up The Sluttiest of 2011.

Jamie Bell: Jamie Bell was the kid who played the lead role in "Billy Elliot" back in the day. Then he gave an interview to British GQ in which he talked all about how to impress and keep a woman: mind-blowing oral sex. Jamie... You Rock

Jessica Lange: Jessica Lange creeped us out each week as the ghost-communing neighbor on "American Horror Story." But her character Constance earned a place in our Biggest Slut of 2011 hall of fame for banging her dopey dog-walker, despite the fact he's like 60 years her junior!


Chelsea Handler: Chelsea has always been up front and completely honest about her busy sex life and she's nothing but positive when it comes to other people's nookie. Love this girl!

Rihanna: Whether she's singing about "S&M" or defending her right to f**k whoever she damn pleases over Twitter, Rihanna is Fo Sho pro-sluthood. I love the songstress for her embrace of the C-word, her self-loving dance moves, and of course those outfits. OMG Chris Brown your an IDIOT!!!

Angelina Jolie: Angelina Jolie may not be as flashy about her sex life as our other 2011 sluts. But she raised eyebrows earlier this year when she said she is still a "bad girl" but that side of her "belongs to Brad." Brad... I Hate You! First my Jenifer Aniston now my Angelina!

Ellen Barkin: Get Down with your Bad Self Ellen! Ellen has an unapologetic relationship with a much younger man. Director Sam Levinson, who is an itty-bitty-baby at 26 while Ellen Barkin a much more mature 57. Age ain't nothing but a number.

George Clooney: I have nothing to say except; PIMP! I can't be mad at ya GC.

J-Lo: Jennifer Lopez recently divorced and embracing her inner slut. Forty-two-year-old J.Lo made quick time banging her 24-year-old backup dancer, Caspar Smart. Sorry Marc Anthony...write a sad song about it.

Kanye West: Fess up already Kanye! Are you tappin the Kartrashian or not? Most dudes in America — maybe all dudes in America — would run in the opposite direction from the Kardashians right now, but I am inspired by Kanye's dedication to a big juicy booty.

Paz de la Huerta: When this chick said the ghost of Elvis gave her an orgasm, I knew I had found something special. And when she posed giving crotch shots in a paparazzi-themed photo spread for the luxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur? I knew I had found somethin VERY special!