Where Is The Body?!
Saturday night (technically Sunday morning as it was 3:45am) I was driving home from a station event and came up on a horrific site that included a demolished Lincoln, a railroad crossing sign laying across train tracks, a ton of blood – and the scariest part…a train coming down the tra…
KISS New Music: Train “Drive By” [AUDIO] [VIDEO]
Train has been one of those bands that's really hit or miss. They'll drop an amazing track like "Hey, Soul Sister" and then nothing. I don't know if they get lucky once an album or if they just write that way, but let's hope they find another hit soon...
The Top Selling Global Digital Singles of 2010
The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, an organization that represents the recording industry on a global level, has released its annual list of the Best-Selling Global Digital Singles.
The AMA’s
The Black Eyed Peas, Train and Enrique Iglesias with Pitbull will perform