Would you get a Tattoo From a Vending Machine?
As someone who has MANY tats, I am not sure I could do this one. But a Dallas tattoo shop has taken the hole in the wall tattoo concept to its logical conclusion.
A vending machine, yes you heard me right, a vending machine.
Elm Street tattoo in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas is offering this service..…
A Tattoo?
My father was – and still is – a musician.  He plays trumpet, guitar, harmonica, keyboard, banjo and really just about any instrument that he picks up.  Before I was born he played in several bands across the US and has even had the opportunity to play for Chicago...
Chris Brown’s new Tat
C Breezy is all tatted up on his chest, both arms and even his neck.  Poor guy ran outta room, so naturally he's moving on to his back.  Check out his first back tattoo.  Kinda scary!  But Chris has exposed "scarier things" on camera!  LOL