Volkswagons Are Stalling Out [RECALL]
Volkswagon just can’t catch a break. They have announced a recall of around 280,000 2006-2010 Passats and 2009-2016 CC’s.
What’s the problem?
Fuel pump computers that shut down, and with no fuel, you can’t drive. Of course, this poses a d…
A Truck Recall That Could Have You Turning The Wrong Way [RECALL]
The folks in Lubbock love their trucks, A LOT! But what happens when you lose steering? Nothing good will ever come of that.
General Motors is recalling over 690,000 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 trucks due to a defect that could result in you losing your ability to steer...
Are Cell Phone Cases Supposed to Burn You? [RECALL]
I keep a cheap silicone case on my phone, more to protect the phone than me. But what happens when your case harms you and not your phone?
Well, that is the case (ha-ha) with cases from MixBin.
The company has announced a recall after several people were burned or had irritation after the cases broke.…
A Serious Seatbelt Recall on Some Popular Vehicles
Doesn’t seem like a week can go by without another recall in the news.
Ford is back in the recall spotlight after announcing a recall involving seat belts in 117,000 vehicles. It affects 2015 F-150 trucks and E-series vans, 2014 & 2015 Escape SUV’s and the 2015…
Be on the Lookout for Bad Beans [Recall]
Nothing says summer like the taste of baked beans, but how would like a possible side of botulism with those?
The folks at Bush's Best, makers of Bush's Baked Beans, have issued a voluntary recall of a number of products. Why? The cans might be defective...
A Recall That Could Have You Falling Out of Your Chair
I never thought I would have to report on an office chair recall, but here it is.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled a number of office chairs for a fall hazard. (Hey I have fallen out of an office chair before, but that was my own fault, not the chairs...

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