So yesterday everybody heard this story:

"James Peterson, the unemployed electrician who recently set the Guinness World Record for fist pumping for 17 straight hours. To ensure he maintained perfect form as he executed the celebratory gesture, the Akron, Ohio man actually super-glued his fist together. “I used to hang light fixtures, so I am used to having my hands above my head,” he explained.

According to Peterson, this is the second time he has spent the better part of a day fist pumping.

“I did this on St. Patrick’s Day but it was not documented,” he explained. Ironically, we’re also quite grateful our St. Patrick’s Day behavior wasn’t documented on video.

To make sure he got credit this time, Peterson performed his act of endurance in a busy area of downtown Akron. He also had two people record his record attempt, and encouraged onlookers to sign his shirt."

Well that was child's play, at least according to Ray from the Bobby Bones show. He just beat that record, literally minutes ago, live on their stream at