Have you heard about the greatness that is pumpkin spice? Of course you have, and at United Supermarkets, they have all of your pumpkin spice favorites.

I was actually at Market Street on Tuesday and saw the pumpkins being unloaded, so if you're looking to decorate for Fall, now is the time; United has all the pumpkins you could want.

Corporate Dietician for the United Family of Stores Brenda Duby stopped by to talk about some of the different products you can purchase during Pumpkin Perfected at United.

While not everything labeled pumpkin spice is healthy, there are some healthier options. For instance, United's mini-pumpkin cupcakes. You can purchase pumpkin cream cheese and yogurt for healthier options. And pumpkins Cheerios makes for a great trail mix, said Duby.

Listen to the whole interview above for pumpkin suggested products and how United has Pumpkin Perfected.

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