As a parent, and one time kid, I know how hard teaching your kids to ride a bike can be. The hardest part is now over with this style of bike.

Easily the most difficult part of teaching your kids to ride a bike is helping them get their balance. That part is made even harder when you're trying to teach them to balance AND pedal AND steer all at the same time. Training wheels don't help them learn balance either. In fact studies show that training wheels give them a false sense of balance that actually makes it harder for kids to transition to a standard bike.

If you've ever seen one of these balance style bikes then you know that it takes one aspect of riding and makes it ten times easier for your kids. By teaching them to balance first, with their feet firmly touching the ground, transitioning to pushing the pedals becomes a breeze. So if you're in the middle of teaching your kids how to ride, try a balance bike and it will make it easier AND more fun for all of you.