The first Panera Bread in Lubbock is now open in the West End Shopping Center. We had the opportunity to find out what we can expect and get some great information from their Marketing Officer Megan McKenzie.

Their bakers are dedicated around the clock. Shifts run 24 hours a day so that bread, baked goods and everything is always fresh.

McKenzie said that Panera Bread now has a transparent menu.

"Everything we have is 100 percent clean," she told me. "We pride ourselves on that. That just happened recently this year that everything is 100 percent clean, no additives."

"We also have, what we're rolling out in our market, in Lubbock is our 2.0 kiosk, which is a convenient way for the guest to go in and use the kiosk to place their order and sit down, so they don't have to fuss... with the line if they don't want...we also have rapid pickup, you place your order on-line and just go ahead and pick it up in store, not waiting in the line," said McKenzie. "Also we have small order delivery. It's a five dollar minimum, so you can place the order online or on the app only and we'll deliver it to you within 30 minutes."

In addition to online ordering, they also have free wi-fi in the restaurant, plus a drive-thru. Panera Bread is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have 6-8 soups every day and about six different breads. There's also a wide assortment of bagels and fresh baked desserts in addition to their full menu.

You can find more information at

The new Lubbock Panera Bread  is located in the West End Shopping Center at 3004 W. Loop 289.